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Many Me

March 11, 2012

I remember how thrilled I was when back in 2002 I heard Plaid’s Manyme, a song where the singer’s voice replicates creating various layers thus making a single person’s choir (yes, most pop musicians have sang their own backing vocals in the studio, but this was somehow  different. It was like a Manhattan Transfer Solo kind of concept. Please, don’t bring Bobby McFerrin into the topic, thank you). Then, machines allowed artists to do it live (and to get rid of the annoying backing vocalists -annoying because they’re usually better singers). We’ve seen Camille do it, we’ve seen Juana Molina do it, good heavens, who has not? there’s a big community of solo loopers! but now comes Jamie Woon and the whole trick gets to a higher level. Maybe it’s just because he’s a kick ass singer. Yes yes, we all love James Blake, but please, listen to this guy. Listen and bow.

And if you still think he’s not cool enough, well, he’s got Burial.

Wayfaring Stranger by Jamie Woon (Burial Remix)