Minor Key

I’ve said it once and I say it again: I’m a minor key person and I cannot make a happy song. I’ve been trying to make the perfect compilation of beautifully sad songs just to prove myself how much I care for useless tasks, but also because I love lists. And sad songs. Here’s the attempt as for April, 2007 (the list has got to be dated, since I change my mind/mood very often):

1. Piana – Something is lost
2. Bjork – Vokuro
3. Cocorosie – Candy Land
4. Cat Power – Wild is the wind
5. Beck – Everybody’s gotta learn sometimes
6. Mahler – Ich bin der weit abhanden gekommen
7. Beef Terminal – Time apart
8. Piano Magic – Shot through the fog
9. Juana Molina – Insensible
10. Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
11. Max Richter – Sunlight

As Pedro Almodóvar says, ¡viva la tristeza!


2 Responses to “Minor Key”

  1. jsorel Says:

    I love sad songs too.

    Have you heard the original “Everybody’s gotta learn sometimes”? It´s terrific.

    Nice Blog.

  2. nobara Says:

    I didn’t til I read your comment! is this it? The Korgis?



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