This kid from Venezuela is 16 years old and has got a portafolio of someone who’s been working long enough to develop his own style. The same goes for his music! It makes me wanna stop doing stuff and start making kids instead.

Check his music out – I like the song Waiting
Thanks to Bagual for the links!


2 Responses to “Nuuro”

  1. Lucy Says:

    haha, this looks amateurish to me… just another wannabe artsy fartsy person… we have too many in this world… why dont they stop trying to ”express themselves” and actually do something productive.

  2. eleonor Says:

    Lucy ,I think is you that should be something more productive than being negative…
    envy and jalusie are very painful
    smile, LAUGHT… be in love with life, be in love with yourself then and only then
    ” express yourself”and actually you will do something productive….
    much love to you
    a friend

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