Hello Nobara,

it was really sad to hear that you had left Japan. But I can understand that after five years maybe it really is enough.

I just listened to your track. Very nice, good and relaxed indeed! Do you know Piana? Your track actually reminded me of her CD which had been on place number 1 of German "de:bug" electronic music magazine's electronica CD charts in December 2005. She's a Japanese girl doing electronic music.

Leaving alone any comparison, I think the track really sounds very nice! I like the way the electronic music steps back to give more room to the vocals. This guy is doing a brilliant job! It really fits your voice. Nicely reduced stereo spread drums and very tasteful e-piano, flutes and distortion. Maybe a bit of Mum as well. What's he using, a Nordlead? This sounds so much different from the image I got of Columbia through a friend of mine who said that in Columbia nearly everybody is prone to crank up the volume of their stereo at any time of the day. Compared to that "edad" is really shisuka and odayaka, contemplative and even a little mournful.

Though the track is over 5 minutes long it doesn't feel like that all – it could go on even longer without getting any boring at all. The vocals are detachedly mystical and romantic (good reverb), and although I hardly understand a word at all, the vocals are embracingly charming. I really like the bit from 3:47 – 4:09 when the voice turns into this kind of hanashi style. All in all the sound is very warm, maybe even tropical? (…) Anyways, gaitanshite inaiden yo.

OK, so much for the track. I am really tired and have to go to bed now.

– Do I know Piana? I love Piana!


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